Extend Salesforce CPQ to Handle Your Most Complex Deals with e-Con CPQ

Salesforce CPQ helps to automate quotes, control pricing and close deals faster, but some businesses need a more powerful configuration engine for their most complex deals...

“Why, Hello e-Con!”

e-Con for Salesforce CPQ extends the power of Steelbrick helping agents sell more faster while making it easier to develop and maintain complex models.

  • 15+ years of development
  • made for custom-order and make-to-order manufacturers
  • 500+ Customers
  • 100+ trained experts
  • 30+ countries

Adept at handling multiple levels of dependency, rules, data lookup, and calculation, e-Con thrives under the most demanding conditions. This allows any company to simplify CPQ processes for all products and services — no matter how complex.

Extend Salesforce CPQ Guided Selling to Configure the Most Complex Products and Services

A more powerful, lightweight configuration engine wouldn’t operate at peak performance without a dashboard to match.

1. No more compromises! No more governor limits!

e-Con configuration engine operates at 9+ degrees of dependency without breaking a sweat. The engine supports any level of complexity that a human could understand, and much deeper than that.

2. Make deeper connections with declarative rules engine

Sales agents can fill out e-Con questionnaires in any order they want: top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, or inside-out. This allows agents to let the conversation flow naturally as they hone in on requirements. Your customers will love it.

3. Powerful error correction tools

Designed for highly complex orders, e-Con helps users to complete forms quickly and correctly. The tool proactively shows a list of missing fields, complete with tooltips and direct links. This helps agents quickly finish insanely complex quotes very quickly.

4. What-if functionality

Complex quoting can be like a game. Users want to see how much a given feature would impact the price, or maybe they can’t have everything they want, and they need to explore different combinations before choosing. e-Con provides insight into the impact each change will have on the rest of the order to keep the process quick and engaging.

5. More Robust User Interface

Enjoy a complete list of input types for 100% control of configuration, pricing, discounting and quoting.

  • text
  • check box
  • combo box
  • radio buttons
  • Custom buttons
  • calendar
  • calculator
  • rich text editor
  • Likert scale
  • zoom window

6. Visualization: Real-time Rendering and More

When you’re working with many different parts and pieces in your order, it can be important to stay in touch with the “big picture.” e-Con supports static pictures, 2D and 3D rendering or even virtual/augmented reality of the active order, adding all parts and pieces to the image as you develop the quote. This makes the quoting process more engaging and precise.

Extend Salesforce CPQ Data Model to Manage and Maintain Complex Configurations

Ungainly deal structures require elegant tools that can keep life simple for everyone.

7. Direct Access to Data with Visionary Data Model

e-Con relies on metadata to read and write to/from any entity in Salesforce out-of-the-box. The e-Con plug-in also facilitates integration with additional data sources like CAD or ERP, even vendor web services or any external nonstandard databases. This can be important for businesses who need to tie disparate data streams into the sale.

8. Immediate Model Testing and Validation

Without e-Con, Salesforce CPQ is a managed package requiring you to import changes into Salesforce before testing. e-Con Studio comes standard with testing tools that allow you to validate new models in seconds.

9. Rapid Model Development

e-Con saves an insane amount of time during implementation, maintenance, and scaling of Salesforce CPQ….

….with Smart Editing Tools

When products come in so many variations there are typically opportunities to copy-and-paste data sets. Are multiple products available in the same or similar materials? Instead of inputting each field for every product, e-Con lets you copy the inputs and paste them into a new model where you can then make any additional changes.

….and Smart Organization

e-Con facilitates natural organization of all product lines. Subdivide models into submodels that can be sold separately, or reuse models. These features are increasingly valuable as your business develops.

Still have questions?

Download resources about e-Con for Salesforce CPQ or ask Pieter via our chat.