Who uses e-Con CPQ to streamline complex sales?

We have been implementing our innovative meta-data driven integration for more than 15 years.










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Salesforce has never been closer to your value engine

Lightning fast, even with large products & bundles
On top of Salesforce CPQ or standalone for Communities, Sales, Marketing, and Service Cloud
Works with every object in Salesforce to read from and write back to
Create, copy, and reuse models, logic and rules.
e-Con supports visualisation in static pictures, sketches, realtime rendering of 2D/3D pictures, or Augmented Reality.


Happy Businesses, Employees and Customers

“e-Con makes it easy to create and work with complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame. It’s simple to use, it’s got a great look and feel, and from the CPQ vendors I’ve seen, e-Con definitely offers the best value for your investment.”

Jaap Versnel, Business Analyst

Happy Businesses, Employees and Customers

“All product combinations and (im)possibilities are visible and if a certain product combination is already sold, e-Con easily let Ammeraal reconfigure that item so that order processing and procurement is really fast. “

Frank Wester, IT Manager

Happy Businesses, Employees and Customers

"With e-Con CPQ we’re about to enter the after-sales market with time savings in service inspection and analyses from 8 weeks to just 1 week. e-Con CPQ will pay off big time!”

Boudewijn Rast, Group IT Manager

Happy Businesses, Employees and Customers

“e-Con creates pro-actively leads, based on the end-date of the contracts. The only thing we’ve to do is to open the lead, add the product options, and e-Con generates a PDF with all the products and contract options. This gives us clarity and higher chances of winning a new lead.”

Rob Westerhoff, Director


Drop in a Configuration Engine as powerful
as your business

Deploy Anywhere

Available on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, or through your website.
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Non-Sequential Input

Most CPQs force users to fill out forms in sequential order, but this rigidity often leads to poor customer experience. e-Con adapts dynamically to any input, so you can start where your customers want.
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Return on Investment

Increase ROI: e-Con Studio tools that save time and effort, resulting in a relatively low TCO.
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No Data Migration!

e-Con’s unique meta data model reads and writes information to/from your Salesforce data, so you don’t need to mess with another database. Drag ’n drop data directly.
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Lightning Fast

Lightning-Fast Configuration: e-Con thrives on calculating multiple levels of dependencies. Experience lightning-fast speeds no matter how complex you are.
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Easy to Maintain and Change

Create, copy, and reuse models, logic and rules. e-Con is a managed package, but rules can be debugged. Think of e-Con as Wizards+.
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