Customer Loyalty is the art of tailoring service without tripping over your own two feet.

Respond instantly to customer needs in their order of priority, not yours.

It doesn’t help if you say your foot hurts. To help a hurt foot, first you’d need to know which of the 28 bones, 30 joints and 100 muscles was in distress.

You also need to hone in on your customers to help them, but as you create increasingly specific solutions, your product and service catalogues multiply, adding complexity, slowing down service, while increasing the likelihood of mistakes.

e-Con CPQ for Service gives you a flexible system for solving problems faster for anyone, from anywhere, no matter how complex your customers become.

Respond instantly to customer needs in their order of priority, not yours

How? Discover e-Con Declarative Rules Engine >

Keep service agents up to speed by bringing all Salesforce data into Service.

Spare parts inventories, instantly available for service agents

Speedy configuration for even the most labyrinthine processes, services & products.


Your After-Sales Teams Will Thank You

Guided questionnaires replace the need for long and constant training
Lightning fast configuration no matter how many levels of dependency
Seamless workflow within Service Cloud
No need to hunt down information like spare parts inventories, pricing
Upsell and Cross-sell the most relevant service packages