Your Sales Teams Will Thank You

Today’s B2B and B2C customers want options and customizations for just about any offering. They also want even the most complex orders delivered in record time. Finally, they expect quick response to changing requirements for sales agreements. To give customers what they want, your sales representatives need tools that speed quote-to-delivery time, ensure accuracy, and make selling custom products and services as easy as selling standard offerings.

Respond instantly to customer need in their order or priority, not yours

Most CPQs force users to fill out forms in sequential order, but this rigidity often leads to poor customer experience. e-Con adapts dynamically to any input, so you can start where your customers want.

Speedy configurations for even the most complex models

Lightning-Fast Configuration: e-Con thrives on calculating multiple levels of dependencies. Experience lightning-fast speeds no matter how complex you are.

Show them what you will make for hem

e-Con supports static pictures, sketches, realtime rendering of 2D/3D pictures, or Augmented Reality.


Advanced configuration engine delivers a whole new world for selling custom orders.

Guided Selling instead of long and constant training
Lightning fast configuration no matter how many levels of dependency
Seamless workflow within Sales Cloud
No need to hunt down information or expertise
Upsell and Cross-sell service packages with the same ease as product configuration