Available as an add-on to Salesforce CPQ or as standalone CPQ.

A growing number of businesses are struggling between the need to offer more options and the expectation of a simple purchase experience. e-Con helps you do both through computer-aided calculation and data integration.

We offer a full CPQ toolset with enough power and flexibility to handle any business, no matter how complex. And we make it easy to access and manipulate information that is relevant to the sale, so your people can help other people get the products and services they need.

Join happy sales organizations like HEINEKEN, Aristocrat, Asia Abloy, Permobil, Thyssenkrupp and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Vestas today, and make yourself easier to work with.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Configure Quotes Faster on Sales Cloud. e-Con is the tool you want to close the largest custom deals from anywhere.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Solve Problems Faster on Service Cloud. Service Cloud gives you quick time-to-response; e-Con gives you quick time-to-solution.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Unify Your Network of Partners, Resellers and Franchise. Make it easy to create stunning, personalized configurations with your brand under one data-centric platform that you control.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Turn Lead Nurturing into Customer Prototyping. Take the guesswork out of Marketing when you use engagement with campaigns, emails and website to deliver the right offer to the right lead at the right time.