Personalization at the level of 1

Made-to-Order Marketers enjoy the unique challenge of enticing prospects to buy something that doesn’t exist yet. Driven by the same powerful configuration engine, e-Con for Marketing ties with your campaigns to develop relevant, working offers for your prospects.

Show customers what you’ll make for them:
e-Con supports 2D and 3D visualization.

Input customer specifications based on engagement with campaigns, email and website in any journey sequence.

Add this to your 360-degree view.

The handoff between Marketing and Sales can be a problem… on both sides. Sales quotes aren’t properly branded while Marketing doesn’t qualify leads. e-Con is your trusty Marketing-Sales bridge.

Market only what you can make

e-Con makes all Salesforce data available within Marketing Cloud, out-of-the-box. Learn how.

Don’t just hand-off prospects, handoff a working quote in the template you design

Develop branded quote, order and proposal templates that will travel the entire customer journey to the final sale and beyond! Are you a brand protector? Discover how to control branded materials for third-party sales with e-Con for Community Cloud.


Now a word on Self-Service…

ANY business can offer compelling self-service.
Flexible but unbreakable interface 2D and 3D visualization
Secure Commerce integration
e-Con integrates instantly with all Salesforce data