(Office) furniture

Make It Easy to Choose the Perfect Product from Trillions of Options. e-Con helps you expand your product and service options while improving the purchase experience, from anywhere.

From materials to colors; from treatments to features, the number of elements customers can choose from is astounding. What’s more, between inventory, logistics, and supply chain considerations, it is challenging for salespeople to get the order right, much less provide the premium purchase experience your customers expect.

  • Competition around more choices
  • Unique customer priorities
  • Rapidly evolving industry with changing materials, standards, and customers
  • Multitude of dependent relationships between specifications and potential products

e-Con for Office Furniture

Turn make-to-order into a dynamic questionnaire.

Salespeople can listen to customer specs, fill inputs and quote on the fly.

Flawless orders, BOMs and routing — automated

e-Con executes the signed contract through all appropriate documentation and channels.

Reduce training; improve accuracy

Calculations, dependencies and rules are programmed into an unbreakable interface that anyone can use successfully.

Synchronized inventory

e-Con reads and writes data from/to anywhere in Salesforce. Sales and manufacturing teams live on the same field and play with the same rules.