Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Where Spreadsheets Come to Die. Let’s face it. Spreadsheets are dysfunctional as a means of communication. e-Con CPQ is the best platform to coordinate a single version of the truth.

Some businesses in your industry never make the same product twice. But no matter how much you can standardize products and services, there is still plenty of information that slips through the cracks.

  • Precise measurements
  • High monetary value per sale.
  • Rapidly evolving industry with changing materials, standards, technology and customers
  • Many dependent relationships between specifications and potential products

e-Con for Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Turn make-to-order into a dynamic questionnaire.

Salespeople can listen to customer specs, fill inputs and quote on the fly.

Generate flawless orders, BOMs and routing automatically

The signed contract is automatically executed through all appropriate documentation and channels.

Reduce training; improve accuracy

Calculations, dependencies and rules are programmed into an unbreakable interface that anyone can use successfully.

Synchronized systems

e-Con reads and writes data from/to anywhere in Salesforce. Sales, engineering, and design teams live on the same field and within the same rules of play.