Conveyor belts

Turn Your Sales Process into an Assembly Line. e-Con makes it easy to sell for everyone, everywhere.

Conveyer belting serves a large number of unique customer types. That makes your sales process complicated.

  • Many different product lines
  • Many different service agreements.
  • Each sale must be customized to customer specifications, causing deal delay and high Sales cost
  • Logistics is global and different for many products
  • Many different sales partners

e-Con helps Coordinate, Configure and Automate Knowledge to Suit the Customer’s Needs.

If you think e-Con can’t handle you, Think again.

Lightning-Fast Configuration

e-Con thrives on calculating multiple levels of dependencies. Experience lightning-fast speeds no matter how complex you are.

Data syncs from anywhere on Salesforce

Access and manipulate your Salesforce data, out-of-the-box. Drag ’n drop. More on our unique data structure >

Stunning visualization for you and your customers

Available in static pictures, sketches, realtime rendering of 2D/3D pictures, or Augmented Reality (AR).

The right services to go with your products

Salespeople can configure only the services that are available for the products in the quote.

Expand and maintain your models easily

Copy & paste models, logic and rules. e-Con is a managed package, but rules can still be debugged.