Apparel printing / Promotional material

Sail the Storm of Overseas fabrication and Still Be on Time. e-Con tracks and calculates complexities in the supply chain, so salespeople and resellers never break a sweat, and customers receive exactly what you promised.

How to Offer More Options, Self-Service, and 100% Accuracy. e-Con gives salespeople, resellers and customers an advanced configuration engine to buy the perfect product quickly and easily, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Large product catalogues
  • High number of variants for each product
  • Competition driving more and more options

Overseas suppliers worth the risk

  • Competition on price
  • Overseas manufacturers inexpensive
  • Dependent relationships between supplier and things that customers care about, like price, delivery time and quality

e-Con for Printing, Packaging and Apparel

Turn make-to-order into a dynamic questionnaire.

Salespeople can listen to customer specs, fill inputs and quote on the fly.

Flawless orders, BOMs and routing — automated

e-Con executes the signed contract through all appropriate documentation and channels.

Reduce training; improve accuracy

Calculations, dependencies and rules are programmed into an unbreakable interface that anyone can use successfully.

Synchronized information

e-Con reads and writes data from/to anywhere in Salesforce. Salespeople and merchandisers live on the same field and play with the same rules.