Endless possibilities.

Your most difficult decisions are about to get easier. e-Con pulls and calculates data faster, so you don’t have to.

True Dynamics 365 / Salesforce Quote to Cash integration

Deliver an End-to-End flawless sales experiences from Quote to Order. Start in Salesforce and finish with a full Production BOM and Routing in Microsoft Dynamics ERP within seconds after landing the sale.
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No intermediary database:
A “now” mindset

e-Con sends and receives data directly from the Salesforce application and other solutions, so you don’t need to manage another database. Direct access has the added benefit that all stock-level information, item information, customer information, discounts and other data that e-Con reads and writes updates in real-time.
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Seamless automation for the most complex solutions

Uniqueness is complex, so we design our software to automate the manual, gritty calculations bringing customer requirements to the perfect product. No matter how many levels of dependency, no matter how many data lookups or calculations your process requires, the user interface will move as quickly as you do.
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