How much more would your community sell with a quick and easy, always available way to work with you?

Now you really can be anywhere, at any time.

Make a direct connection with customers from anywhere in the world. Sell accurately and quickly no matter who makes the sale.

Only sell what you have in stock!

e-Con for Community Cloud brings all your data to the point of sale. If you stop making a part, make it unavailable everywhere, instantly.

Customer-centric orders that are 100% accurate.

e-Con for Community Cloud is driven by the same unbreakable interface that lets salespeople develop quotes dynamically… but doesn’t let them misconfigure a solution.

Branded Materials.

Create stunning templates for quotes, proposals and orders to save your partners even more work. These forms will populate with configuration and customer info automatically.

The traditional price structure is broken!
We fixed it.

The traditional price structure for CPQ is pay per named user, which doesn’t make sense in Community Cloud. Odds are pretty good you’ll pay for a lot of unused licenses under that structure.

Concurrent user pricing

With e-Con you pay for concurrent users, the maximum number of users you expect to use e-Con at the same time.

This structure allows you to give your whole community access to e-Con but only pay for members who actually use the software. So you are sure to drive efficient results on the dollar.


Now a word on Self-Service

ANY business can offer compelling self-service.
Flexible but unbreakable interface 2D and 3D visualization
Secure Commerce integration
e-Con integrates instantly with all Salesforce data