ZOOK Rupture Disks

ZOOK Ruptures Disk manufactures and distributes the most extensive line of metal and graphite rupture disks and overpressure protection products in the world. The company began work in the 1940s with a plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, they’re continuously growing a global presence and international distribution, with key branches in Ontario, Canada, and England.

ZOOK takes great pride in their sales and distribution teams, who work expertly across industries ranging from oil and gas processing, to pharmaceuticals, to brewing. The global sales and distribution team needed a CPQ tool that allowed them to configure complex quotes and orders. Just as important, ZOOK needed a CPQ tool that integrated fully with back-end operations and production in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. “e-Con CPQ gave us the solution and the partner that could meet our complex configuration needs,” says Gary Kauffman, ZOOK’s ERP director.

Kauffman has specific insight into why ZOOK chose e-Con CPQ over competitor solutions. First, e-Con offers complete and dedicated integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. e-Con Solutions is a provider focused strictly on CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics. The e-Con configurator lives in the Microsoft Dynamics database, so there’s a continuous flow of real-time information updates between e-Con and NAV.

That foundation of e-Con’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV gave ZOOK other great reasons to choose this CPQ tool:

Proof of Concept. ZOOK’s consultant could work knowledgably and elegantly with e-Con and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The marriage between the two solutions freed the consultant to focus on ZOOK’s very specific and detailed configuration issues and translate them into the right e-Con CPQ deployment.

Flexibility. ZOOK found that e-Con could read and write to tables in Dynamics NAV with ease. The e-Con Studio offered the many options they needed to set up complex rules, decision trees, and business logic. The flexible fit between e-Con CPQ and NAV meant that configurations included accurate pricing and technical validation. Plus, quotes and orders created by sales automatically generated the relevant records in NAV, including item cards, BOMs, and routings.

Remote access via the e-Con Portal. ZOOK is using the latest e-Con portal functionality for their own new sales and customer Sizing program. The Sizing program allows sales channels and customers to enter configuration information and calculate product size on the fly. By making the e-Con portal available from ZOOK’s website, users from any location can register, sign in, and gain access to projects. Database management is seamless—Microsoft Dynamics NAV receives continuous updates from e-Con and vice versa. ZOOK plans to incorporate e-Con portal features for quote and order entry.

Ease of use. e-Con offers a clean, modern UI and integration that lets users perform all tasks directly in the CPQ tool. There’s no need to switch between NAV and e-Con. ZOOK also appreciates how e-Con makes training and consultant expertise part of the solution offering.

ZOOK Rupture Disks can use e-Con to ensure that their sales team can present customers with quotes for diverse and complicated product offerings that are always correct and quick. Both employees and customers will be able to configure products directly from the ZOOK website, thanks to the e-Con portal. And ZOOK knows that e-Con will always work hand in glove with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, equipping them to handle a changing and complicated marketplace.

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