J&L Wire

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, J&L wire Cloth LLC manufactures and fabricates galvanized and brite basic wire for wire decking, shelving and racks used in warehouse storage, material handling, and logistics. The company also manufactures woven wire flooring and confinement panels for the agricultural industry for hog production. From their earliest days as a company, their products have met essential needs for essential industrial equipment.

Business Question

Over the years, meeting even essential needs has become exponentially more complex. With product options evolving from a very limited number of options to hundreds of variables and shifts in volumes, pricing, timing, etc. To keep businesses coming back, sales needs to tailor choices for even standard orders and meet specialized scenarios with ease. And it’s just as important to maintain competitive pricing and delivery timelines. J&L Wire Cloth has always been a steady and reliable company, and they’ve managed change successfully. Perhaps because they’ve maintained loyalty to business systems and solutions they felt they could trust to grow and change with them. They’ve been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for almost 15 years—back to the days when Dynamics was known as Navision. Since that date, they’ve also been using e-Con as a sales and product configurator that has grown in capabilities and integration power alongside both NAV and J&L Wire. The company is a great study in how steadfast priorities and customer confidence has a trickle-down effect. J&L Wire Cloth has kept a close eye on product quality and accurate promises for costs and time to delivery. They’ve had just as close an eye on quality, pricing, and service. The goal is to maintain roomy margins, avoid work jungles for employees and suppliers, and minimize waste.

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