Helioscreen designs and manufactures an extensive portfolio of window covering systems that meet the increasing demand for sunscreens that are both aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the total energy efficiency of buildings. There are many variables that go into producing standard and custom orders for their offerings. Every screen order needs to balance regulatory, business, and customer requirements for thermal comfort, visual comfort, air quality, and acoustic comfort. e-Con CPQ helps sales, service, and customer support manage the order through production process from all angles.

“e-Con CPQ leads to big savings in time spent on order entry, and it’s decreased error margins to an absolute minimum.”
Alexander Bressers

e-Con offers a clear, accurate tool for quickly configuring custom fabrics for the screens. An intuitive questionnaire allows users to enter all parameters. e-Con calculates all variables and automatically generates a sales order line, a complete order, and ultimately a production order. The production order includes all details needed by the confection department–cutting dimensions, top, bottom, and side finishing, etc. Users with different roles see the information they need, as do customers.

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