It would be a rare thing if you didn’t know the name HEINEKEN — the most international brewer with Heineken® as their flagship brand, and many other brands such as Amstel, Desperados, Strongbow and Sol. HEINEKEN is among the biggest and busiest organizations in the beverage industry.

HEINEKEN recently implemented e-Con CPQ for use by sales reps in its Dutch market. They’ve streamlined the process within a few months. Overall, 120 sales account managers are reducing the time they spend creating and updating agreements by 50+ hours per week.

Why did HEINEKEN choose e-Con over the CPQ competition?

  • e-Con enables HEINEKEN to maintain a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM database that holds all pricing and product information. Sales account managers can launch e-Con directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and work through a guided sales process with assurance that all information and records are always current and centralized with the Dynamics database. e-Con’s full marriage with Microsoft Dynamics ensures businesses work with one version of the truth!
  • Before deploying e-Con, account managers spent huge amounts of time building these complex quotes and agreements. They worked in several applications and essentially had to build documents from scratch. With e-Con, sales can pre-configure quotes and agreements before they even visit the customer, with a prompted questionnaire that quickly makes them experts about product variations, pricing, discounts, timing, etc.
  • With e-Con, account managers have everything they need to finalize and present a quote or agreement to their customers within a single visit. Updates and changes can be processed with a few clicks—if a quote or agreement is feasible, e-Con processes it instantly. If there’s an issue, prompts and alerts direct the account manager so that they enter the right information.

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