Boogaerts is a Belgian manufacturer of doors and frames, with a focus on complex, custom offerings. Their ability to meet a wide range of advanced customer needs has brought them customers that include Bayer, Aldi, EY, Esso, Ikea, Toyota, and Sony.

“e-Con is honest about the technicality of the setup. Some configurators claim that you can do the setup ‘without code’. That may work for 80% of our complexity, but e-Con is extensible enough to handle all our requirements.”
Christophe Boogaerts, Project Manager

Boogaerts chose e-Con CPQ because it meets all their needs with a feature-rich and flexible toolset. The doors and frames produced by Boogaerts require a lot of configuration and include many constraints. At the same time, Boogaerts is committed to fast production and delivery. e-Con gives them flawless product configurations that convert instantly into fast and error-free quotes and orders. The combination of a strong configurator and full integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV made e-Con CPQ an ideal choice for Boogaerts.

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