Manufacturing and selling custom orthopedic/mobility solutions involves highly specialized calculations, intensive customer service, and geography challenges. Belgium-based Aqtor stakes their reputation on producing a wide range of such customer-specific products and services. Their offerings include leg prostheses, arm prostheses, breast prostheses, arch supports, pelvic belts, corsets, mobility devices, even therapeutic stockings. Their salespeople, called providers, all have medical expertise and work directly from hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Aqtor wanted to streamline the order process, which meant that providers needed to get the order accurate from the start. There are lots of variables involved in a single order. For example, if you have a knee injury, you need a brace, but the brace that works best for you involves specialized calculations. Before e-Con, providers wrote down specifications and gave them to order intake.

e-Con CPQ brings ease and simplicity to everyone involved in the Aqtor order process. Even more important, e-Con automation and integration help providers serve customers with efficiency and precision. There’s no break in the process—orders are right the first time and all information is sent to the right people and departments. That’s making a big difference in error margins, service to providers, and service to customers.

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